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A Committee of the
Grant Park Neighborhood Association

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Projects & Priorities

Check out our projects and priorities, past and present, to learn more about our community and how to get involved!

The City of Atlanta is hosting a community meeting for this project on Tuesday, 2/21 at 5:30pm - find out how to join by clicking here.


The City of Atlanta’s Department of Transportation (ATLDOT) is designing safety improvements for Woodward Avenue SE, between Kelly Street SE & Boulevard SE. Projected to begin in Spring 2023, planned improvements include resurfacing and restriping to create a neighborhood greenway. This project will implement portions of the Cycle Atlanta 1.0 plan, upgrading road surface condition, safety, and multimodal connectivity.

We want your input, take our community survey!

Woodward Ave Community Design.png
Screenshot 2022-07-01 1.16.31 PM.png


Want to be a part of celebrating and showcasing Historic Grant Park?

Team up with your neighbors to sponsor a Grant Park Sign Topper at your intersection!

The Grant Park Transportation Committee is soon ordering street sign toppers as part of our placemaking efforts. Your street can be among the first to get one, and you'll help our neighborhood raise money to both continue and expand our initiatives. Donations will first go towards your sponsored intersection, then to support intersections without sponsors, and any remaining donation funds will be used for transportation-related projects this year before going into our neighborhood association’s general fund for the next fiscal year.

For your sponsorship, you and your neighbors will get a shout-out in our monthly email blast, a shout-out at our monthly meeting, you will be listed on our sign topper webpage, and receive a mini sign topper keychain (pending)! Plus, the first few dozen neighbors who have already donated will receive one of our old sign toppers, due to a limited supply! We also hope to give you a shout out in the Porch Press!

Special thanks to the Homes & History Committee and neighbors who organized, attended, and contributed to the Woodward Mansion Street Topper Fundraiser in 2014. They raised a total of $2,465 toward a sign topper fund, which is being used as a springboard for our current efforts. Additionally, we are thankful to the leadership of Neighborhood Planning Unit W, and the membership/leadership of the NPU-W neighborhood organizations, who successfully applied for a City of Atlanta Community Impact Grant for sign toppers, which is being split equally among the three neighborhood organizations.

New Sign Topper Rendering.png


-Red markers indicate not yet sponsored.
-Yellow markers indicate sponsored intersections.
-Dark Green markers indicate New Sign Topper Installed!

-Light Green markers are installed new sign toppers that are still missing sponsorship.


*Please note that markers on the map with a square or an X are either missing the pole or the street name signs, but replacement requests have been submitted to the city and sign toppers will be installed as soon as possible after sponsorship. Markers that have circles inside of them, or stars, have street signs and will allow for easy sign topper installation.


Contribute solo or team up with your neighbors and contribute:


Tax-deductible donations can be made directly to the Grant Park Neighborhood Association.

1. Check out the map (click here) for the intersections that have already been claimed or use the table at the bottom of this website, any red marker is "Open" and available for sponsorship (there will be a small delay updating the webpage and map with sponsored intersections).


2. Donate using the GPNA link below and make sure to include the intersection where you'd like the topper to go in the comments, as well as which of your neighbors contributed with you in the form.


(Will take you to a PayPal webpage; don't forget to list the intersection and sponsor name(s)!)


Eligible Intersections





Sponsorship Per Intersection


Intersections Remaining

Live in a Development with Private Street Signs? Want to sponsor a non-traditional location?

Contact Phill Kelly at to see how we can collaborate on sign toppers on your street or any other non-traditional location.

We are a volunteer organization! Would you like to help install sign toppers, or have a ladder or tools you can lend us?

Contact Phill Kelly at or 612-703-1176.


Special thank you to Courtney Garvin, who volunteered to create our Sign Topper graphic, and to the over 200 people who participated in our membership meeting and social media poll selecting the final design!

Learn more about Courtney’s work:

Screenshot 2022-07-01 12.13.36 PM.png
Private Development
Street Signs
(Red Dots)

Sign Topper Updates Timeline

November 15th & December 10th 2021

The Grant Park Transportation Committee begins exploring the Sign Topper project after being handed the task from the Homes & History Committee along with seed funding from their Woodward Mansion Street Topper Fundraiser in 2014.

List of intersections with missing/broken sign poles and street name signs submitted to the city for repair and replacement.

June 21st 2022

New sign topper design options from neighborhood volunteer Courtney Garvin unveiled to the community and put to a vote.

July 19th 2022

The Grant Park Sign Topper Fundraiser Launches!

40 Sponsorships in the first two weeks of the fundraiser.

November 4th 2022

The City of Atlanta approves the new sign topper design and locations for installation.

December 14th 2022

Signarama installs the first 40 new sign toppers purchased from Florida Transcor, in partnership with the other NPU-W neighborhood associations through the City of Atlanta Community Impact Grant.

December 26th & 27th 2022

First round of keychains and old sign topper thank you gifts delivered to sponsors.

Atlanta Preservation Center secures a City of Atlanta Qualified Contractor permit, allowing for our neighborhood volunteers to install the remaining sign toppers in 2023.


Contact the
Transportation Committee Chair

Learn More About Us

Grant Park Neighborhood Association

Why is this a separate webpage?

Our main website, listed above, is in the middle of transitioning to Wix and eventually this webpage will be added to the updated site.


Waiting at Bus Stop

Who We Are

The Transportation Committee is a platform for neighbors to share ideas and concerns around making our transportation corridors and inner streets safer and more accessible, with a focus on people walking and rolling (in wheelchairs, on bikes and scooters, pushing strollers, etc) and prioritizing public transit.

City Biking

What We Do

We believe that sidewalks should be whole and smooth, streets should have a bike lane for every car lane, crosswalks should be distinctly raised from street level, and riding buses and trains should be as easy and convenient as riding in a car. Our work is to elevate the voice of our neighbors to achieve that vision, where the safety and comfort of going on a stroll through the park is felt going down any street in the Grant Park neighborhood. We will work together to get the attention of and collaborate with stakeholders inside and outside of our neighborhood to see our collective goals met. 

Busy Sidewalk

When We Meet

We meet virtually at 7pm on the third Monday of every month, in partnership with the NPU-W Transportation Committee, due to our overlapping priorities. Scroll down to the Transportation section of this link to register:

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